It may be a trailer, but it ain’t trash…

Airstream Santa Barbara

Our Airstream Trailer in Santa Barbara

Ok, so I can only sit down and write this now that the post-holiday blues have left. Yes, it is raining outside right now and yes, I am back at work… but the memories of our amazing road trip, down Highway 1 in California, accompany me as I go about settling back in to the routine of daily life and that’s enough because the simple pleasure of daily life is the touchstone of our existence. Or at least, I think so.

We went to California in March and had a lot of fantastic experiences and saw some wonderful places, but it’s the Airstream Trailer in Santa Barbara that I find my mind returning to at the moment. Again and again.

We booked the Aistream through Autocamp a company that describe themselves as providing an ‘unparalleled boutique Aistream hotel experience.’ Yes, well I work in communications and appreciate that we all need a bit of verbal chest puffing to help us along from time to time but actually… they are too understated. What they provide is your opportunity to meet your one true love. In the form of a trailer.

You don’t see a staff member, check-in is in the form of an electronic keypad on the door so you are left alone for the duration of the stay which means you can just treat the trailer like it’s your home. Inside ours was a kitchen/dining area, a very cute bedroom with double bed and a stylish bathroom complete with roll-top bath. I’ve always wanted a roll-top so I made sure that I made good use of it with their great range of Malin+Goetz bath products, which I also took home with me…

At the back of the trailers are a couple of single-speed bikes, so we hopped on and rode down to the beach. We rode down streets of wooden-clad houses with porches and orange and lemon trees in their front gardens. The air was so warm and scented with a combination of citrus, sea and fried food… some of my favourite smells…. especially fried food, I can’t help it.

At night, the tree above the trailer became alive with sparkling lights adding more magic to our stay. I woke up in the early hours to find the dude outside taking photos… I think perhaps, he was as enchanted as I was.

I can’t recommend the Airstream highly enough, and they are opening Autocamp trailer parks in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ventura Beach soon – I think we may have to go and give the San Francisco site a try once it’s open.

Airstream Santa Barbara

An Airstream in the Santa Barbara sunshine.