Beginning again, again…

Punts at the Cherwell Boathouse

Punts in the sunshine last week at the Cherwell Boathouse, Oxford.

Recently, I realised that it is almost five years since I sat in a training workshop in a previous job and the idea of a blog called ‘Bloomsbury Bell’ popped into my head. Since then, it has meandered around book reviews, days out, random thoughts and ground (almost) to a halt.

I think that sums up the past five years of my blogging life…. meanwhile, I have meandered my way from 25 to 30. Books have been read, words have been written, tea has been drunk, I’ve moved house (a lot), changed jobs (quite a lot), and a current has carried me along all the while, until I landed here in a more settled place, and deciding to begin Bloomsbury Bell again.

So, here goes! No idea where we are going, but let’s just see what happens.