Who is Bloomsbury Bell?

NaomiI live in a small town in Oxfordshire, with my partner (the dude) in a house that we are turning into our home.

I started writing Bloomsbury Bell in 2009, when I was living and working in London. It was meant to be the place where I wrote about my first love…books.

Now it’s where I weave threads of ideas for writing (the novel is happening), and share my life with you as a 30-something book-hoarding, wine-drinking, shoe-obsessed, cat-loving communications manager who will one day master the art of being tidy.

Why the name ‘Bloomsbury Bell’?

When I was studying for my English degree I became interested in the lives and work of the members of the Bloomsbury Group. My undergraduate thesis examined the significance of the city and the countryside in the writings of Virginia Woolf. I also love the neighbourhood Bloomsbury in London, my friends and I regularly used to meet at the Duke, a wonderful pub, for evenings fuelled by Pinot Grigio Blush and chips with aioli. You can still find us in there sometimes! I love nothing more than the sound of church bells when I am lying in bed on a Sunday morning. It’s a timeless sound. This, combined with Iris Murdoch’s The Bell being one of my favourite novels, is why I added ‘Bell’ to the title of my blog.

One thought on “Who is Bloomsbury Bell?

  1. Hi Bloomsbury Bell,

    I love your blog and would like to invite you to an ethical fashion launch, where we have collections that are based on inspiring women, such as Virginia Woolf. The launch is in Marylebone this Wednesday. Please do get in touch if you’d like an E-invite.


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