A year in my garden

It was Cicero, the Roman philosopher and orator, who said that “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. This is something I wholeheartedly believe, although I would add …”and lots of shoes” to the list but I’m not sure Cicero was really a shoe man. We have been in our house for almost a year, and one of its biggest attractions for me was the garden. I love the feeling of grass under my bare feet, but I don’t want to spend every other weekend mowing a lawn. So, for us, the brick path is perfectly low maintenance.

You can see below that the garden was fairly overgrown and a little bit unloved when we moved in.

I quickly got busy with the secateurs and sheers, clearing away lots of greenery and hacking down some mature shrubs which were choking other plants or blocking out much-needed light in our north(ish)-facing garden. The massive dark green bush blocking the view of the back door has been chopped down – I started ‘pruning’ it on a whim and then the dude and I got properly into it and we ended up hacking the whole thing down. I’m not sure what that says about our self-restraint…


I didn’t really have an idea of what plants we already had, so waiting for spring was even more exciting as I thought that we would be treated to a display of various spring flowers. As it happens, there were no bulbs in the ground so I was relieved that I had planted daffodils, fritillaries, alliums, and tulips last October. This year I am going to add more narcissi and leave it at that…maybe just a few more tulips.




Alliums – like crazy purple pom poms.

Each evening when I get home from work I pootle out into the garden and water the veg patch, and generally force the dude to smell everything. Last night our poor neighbours could probably hear me yelling at him, “get your nose right in there! Right in!” As I was maniacally shoving his head into the honeysuckle. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, like the scent of flowers filling the air during a warm evening. This is the time of year to get your nostrils satiated.


I enjoy the work that the garden needs, we are currently battling with hedge bindweed and things have exploded over the last couple of weeks. But ultimately, what’s a garden for if not to sit in? Like most people I work, I commute, I clean the house, I go to the supermarket, I cook, I fill my head with busy thoughts & plans & things that need arranging & organising….but sometimes I just take a few moments to sit in my garden, watching it grow and being grateful that I have everything I need.

BB x


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