What should I do with Bloomsbury Bell?

I started this blog in 2009, is that really six years ago?! And it was originally a place for me to write about books, I met some great people through blogging and was lucky enough to be sent the odd free book from some lovely publishing houses. Then I moved to Oxford and things got a bit more hit and miss….I lived in a cottage and blogged a bit about my life in the country. Then I didn’t blog for a while. And then, last year I thought I’d try the whole ‘lifestyle’ thing which lasted 5 minutes….and now it’s 2015 and I don’t know what to do with Bloomsbury Bell.

So… how do you solve a problem like Bloomsbury Bell? Books?…Gardening?…Home-making?…Wedding planning (gulp)?…or should I scrap it and start again?


5 thoughts on “What should I do with Bloomsbury Bell?

  1. Well, if you like books I am guessing any blog you write will have at least a bit of the bookish. My blog started in 2006 as a way to use up some creative energy. It tended to be pretty political (in the days of George W Bush) and only my family and 1 friend read it. Occasionally I wrote about books and that is when I discovered so many great like minded readers out there and about 2009 decided to focus more on books. Since then it is still heavy on books but I also include travel stuff and dog Lucy and house and garden, some food, and occasionally a movie or even TV.

    Now days I prefer blogs that are a mix of books and life. If a blogger is just a die-hard reviewer, as if trying out for a newspaper job, I find it all a bit boring. I like to know about all sides of my blogging friends. I like how Desperate Reader sprinkles in travels home to Scotland and baking in with her reading. I like how Stuck in a Book mixes up various jaunts and family and work and cats with books. I like how Travellin Penguin takes us around Tasmania looking for vintage Penguin paperbacks. And I love The Age of Uncertainty which is only obliquely about books but Steerforth is such a good observer and writer that I love every post he writes. I do know one or two who have gone too far away from books and tend to loose me.

    I think the bottom line is you shouldn’t try and define it. Write what you want when you want and see what comes out.

  2. What should you do with Bloomsbury Bell? Why, you should bring the spirit that animates it and join us in Alexandria. An informal invitation by email is also on the way.

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