Bloomsbury’s Back

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral on a freezing March day

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and I had reached the stage where I had forgotten my login details for WordPress so I thought it was time to start again…! The past year has been on a theme of ‘starting again’ in many ways. I left the cottage in the countryside and returned to live in Oxford last summer, into a room with a wardrobe which I swiftly swapped for a bookcase – my clothes are fine in a heap for the foreseeable future as long as my books are happy! Anyway, it’s all been a bit of an adventure and I hope there will be more to come… in the meantime, I am looking forward to reading Orkney by Amy Sackville over the Easter holiday, her books are always beautiful to look at and to read. My plan is to huddle from this Narnia-esque chill with a giant mug of tea and immerse myself in her lyrical prose, the reality will probably be that I will spend all of Good Friday dancing with my three-year old niece and so I shall be in recovery for the rest of the weekend!

Orkney by Amy Sackville

Orkney by Amy Sackville


8 thoughts on “Bloomsbury’s Back

  1. Hi! Welcome back! St. Paul’s is so inconquerably beautiful, it’s making me want to go back to England. Every time I go to England, I nearly go to St. Paul’s, but never do it, because if I don’t go to St. Paul’s I’ll always have a reason to come back again.

  2. Glad you’re back. Keep it fun for yourself, post when you feel like it, write about whatever you feel like, don’t succumb to “expectations.” Although if you expect that you would like participating in Barbara Pym Readinq Week, you are probably right.

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