Ringing in the Changes

Gently, faintly, I hear the bells chiming again and Bloomsbury Bell is awoken.

I have been spending my time in Oxford coffee shops, pubs and libraries reading and writing and when I have not been doing that I have been in the garden attempting to get to grips with a large, overgrown and rambling cottage garden. In between I have been going back to London for a dose of home.

They say that change is as good as a rest, but maybe sometimes rest is as good as a change. Having had several changes over the last couple of years I have taken time to be restful, be slow and be observant. This hasn’t been without its challenges, I struggled to feel content with being slow in a world which encourages speed and change. I struggled to keep myself from a natural fast pace and to believe that it was really fine to take time out of things for a while. Being busy was something I couldn’t do without so I found a balance of being busy with ‘quiet’ things such as gardening, walking, reading and exploring Oxford.

It’s time now to walk from the bank and slide back into the stream.

21 thoughts on “Ringing in the Changes

  1. How wonderful to have you back. Sometimes one must take a time out, to observe and understand. If you're planning on growing veg in that cottage garden of yours, now is the time to start preparing the ground.

  2. It was so nice to see a new posting from you. I, for one, would love stories about your garden adventures, and your attempts at slowing down in a busy world.

  3. The ability to slow down in this frantic age should be applauded. Well done! Glad to have you back, and I like the new look, too.

  4. That's why there is cocoa mulch. Smells divine, adds to the soil, and holds down those weeds. I know everyone uses some kind of bark, and it is cheaper but oh, that cocoa mulch is for me!

  5. Isn't there a time for everything? To retreat and to return! I am glad to see you back! And good luck with the garden 'struggles"… : )My daughter (15) will be for two weeks in Oxford this summer with a student exchange program, she is beyond excited. Any great coffee shops you could recommend??? She will be staying at Oxford University, taking courses in the morning and spending the afternoons touring! But there shall be time for leisurely coffee and tea, we have been assured!

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