A Right Royal Knees Up!

Well, the day of the Royal Wedding is upon us. Will she be wearing ‘cream’ or ‘ivory’? Satin, lace or silk? Without meaning to sound too ‘bah humbug’ about the whole thing I have been bored to tears by the media incessantly reporting pointless gossip regarding the ‘fairytale romance’. Isn’t that what they said about Charles and Diana? If that’s a fairytale then Disney has a whole load of script edits to make. Of course I wish them well, but it would be wonderful if the media could actually report on more pressing issues such as the major referendum that is about to take place.

Despite my miserable old git attitude I still appreciate a bit of pomp so I will be watching the ceremony and in the true style of a seasoned hypocrite I will probably be gossiping with my friends about the various outfits of the guests. Our village is having a party at the Village Hall and we all have to take a dish to contribute to the supper. I’m ready-armed with my shop bought quiche – well, you can take the girl out of London….


8 thoughts on “A Right Royal Knees Up!

  1. Wedding = yawnParty = wish I was there! You can't beat a bit of quiche and some scotch eggs. I thought Pippa looked better than Kate…controversial perhaps but I thought the dress was a bit too conservative.

  2. Pouring scorn on the hats of the wealthy and privilaged is something that we can all get behind regardless of political or religious leanings and if for no other reason I think the royal family more than earn their keep.I didn't see much of the wedding due to being at work which I thought I'd be okay about but now feel like I really missed out on something (mostly Beatrice and Eugenie's outfit choices which seem to have united everyone in a single opinion).

  3. I too am not a great fan of all that stuff.However I wish them well,they seem a nice couple and the spectacle is always amazing! It was nice for everyone to party and so I was also a bit of a hypocrite too!!!!

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