Acquisitions for the weekend

Chichester Cathedral

I am going home to Chichester for the weekend to stay at my mother’s house. As soon as I walk in the door I will be met with the warm fug of cooking smells and my mum will greet me in her apron. The familiarity of my childhood home is something that I cherish and I love curling up on my mum’s sofa with the family cat, Oscar, a cup of tea in hand and a huge slice of homemade cake with a good book.

In preparation for a weekend of reading, and due to the fact that I was escaping a rain shower, I bought three books in the Oxfam bookshop on St Giles; William Golding’s The Spire, Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native and a rather amazing looking Virago which I am particularly excited about.

Before I start these however, I must finish Ann Bridge’s Ilyrian Spring which is one of my favourtie reads of 2010 so far. Simply perfect. A review will follow!


9 thoughts on “Acquisitions for the weekend

  1. This is good news about Illyrian Spring indeed! Your lovely friend, Rachel, kindly sent me a copy which I will get to next month.Enjoy your visit…and the cake!*Ah, Rachel…you need to find a New York mummy!

  2. My sweet Mum passed away and I would do just about anything to be at her house….she'd meet me at the door and say "honey, I'll put the kettle on"….and the chatting would commence…. I miss that so much. You're so lucky to have these opportunities…. ENJOY!Warm blessings,Spencer

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