A holiday to cure my ‘consumption’

This is just a quick post to explain the unintentional blogging break. The last two weeks have simply flown by into nowhere it seems and I haven’t been very well so have been holed up in my bed feeling very sorry for myself and watching rubbish telly and reading easy crime novels. I am still peaky and currently have no voice at all, well I have a croaky, squeaky sound that is just ridiculous.

Anyway, that is the reason I haven’t been writing (or reading much). The end is in sight though and I am cheering myself up with the fact that I have booked a week in Italy at the end of September; for a much needed rest. We are going to Bologna and the Cinque Terre (see above) and I cannot wait. Apart from A Room With A View what other books are set in Italy and constitute a ‘must read’?
In the meantime – normal blogging will resume.

12 thoughts on “A holiday to cure my ‘consumption’

  1. Cinque Terre is amazing!! It is the most beautiful spot on earth – make sure to go for lots of long walks. Also there is a really good bookstore in nearby Levanto if you run out of books 🙂 Anyways books set in Italy: go for Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose", something by wonderful Dacia Maraini or "The Leopard" by di Lampedusa.

  2. How lovely – and how very nineteenth century to be "autumning" on the continent… I have heard such good things about Cinque Terre as well. Get well soon and have a good time. Books: if you are in a Forster mood you could try Where Angels Fear to Tread. happy holidaysHannah

  3. I second 'The Leopard' which is superb. The Garden of the Finzi-Continis is also beautiful and melancholy.I've read and enjoyed 'All Our Yesterdays' by Natalia Ginzburg and 'The Things We Used to Say' looks good as well – both concerned with Italy during the Second World War.I could mention Henry James… but wouldn't he fall into your hated nineteenth-century category?I hope you feel better soon.Helen

  4. ah italy! *sigh*i love 'under a tuscan sky' – book and movie – the movie's perfect when you're feeling a tad blah…wishing you a speedy recovery in time for your trip 🙂

  5. Ah that would explain you not replying to my email then. :)Poor you. BUT Italy sounds amazing. And well deserved. Though don't spend all your pennies! You need to have enough for a flight to New York remember!

  6. Dear BB, What a delight to fall across your wonderful weblog.I am sorry to learn that you have been unwell and do hope that you are feeling more yourself, Whatever, a little time recovering does give one an excuse to spend more time reading, if an excuse is needed. I see that you too admire the work of Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Bowen, et al. In fact not so very long ago I used an image of EB against a background of Bowen's Court to illustrate a posting.Hay-on-Wye is, indeed, a booklovers' haven. I used to visit often as I had dear friends living very close by at Clyro where EO ran a most interesting gallery in Ashbrook House, the house once lived in by Kilvert. Sadly, since her death a year ago the gallery is no more, the house having been bought by the Baileys of home and garden fame!I am signing myself as a 'Follower' so as not to miss future postings.

  7. Poor you – sorry to hear you haven't been well. The thought of a holiday in Bologna and Cinque Terre is bound to get you up and about in no time however!As for books set in Italy – how about Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner? Get better soon.Jeannex

  8. I agree with Enchanted April and Room with a View. I would add to that EM Forster's first novel Where Angels Fear to Tread. Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun. It is non-fiction and better than the movie. And for something totally modern, an easy read and perhaps bordering on chick-lit, try Laura Fraser's The Italian Affair. It is all sun and fun and love. A great read.

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