Bimbling about

I am pretty sure that bimbling is not a word. But it is what I spend quite a lot of time doing. This week has been a ‘bimbling’ week. I have drifted about doing bits and bobs and not very much all at the same time. I was a bridesmaid for a very beautiful bride up on the moors in the far north. I still have the lovely flowers (above) in a jar on our mantelpiece. On our way back down the spine of the country we veered westwards and found tea and cake in Stroud.

I gorged myself on treacle tart and looked on in horror as Mr Bell devoured a coffee and walnut cake; I detest coffee and walnut. Actually, that was probably a cunning tactic on his part so that I wouldn’t want to steal any of his.
We found a view to look at before returning back to Oxfordshire.
It is easy to make friends in the country – here is one that we found in a pub in Bampton
As I sat eating a bag of chips in this churchyard last Friday night,
I caught the smallest whiff of autumn. I wonder if summer knows that the next season is impatiently waiting its turn? There is time yet though before the apples fully ripen, so I am going to go and sun my toes in the grass.

10 thoughts on “Bimbling about

  1. I love the word "bimbling". Whether it's a proper word or not, I'm keeping it.And I suspect you are correct about Mr. Bell's dessert choices. I frequently select desserts based on which one I think my companions are least likely to want bites of. :p

  2. There are small signs of autumn here at our house as well such as crab apples starting to fall on the ground.Thanks for the really lovely photos. I'm really envious of your atmospheric churchyards!

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